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Mahesh Jose

State Head - Retail Sales , Tamil Nadu

My Journey so far with Axis Mutual Fund over the Last 11 odd Years has been a real roller Coaster ride. There hasn’t been a single day of Boredom. Life has never been monotonous here with each Day throwing up new Learning’s Challenges and the resultant opportunities to Grow.  I am truly honoured to be in the company of people who have inspired me, helped to align my thoughts and who have helped me realise the potential of our profession to truly make a difference. The Responsible and Bold DNA of Axis Mutual Fund make us stand tall amongst the crowd.  Proud as Always to wear the Axis MF Hat !! 

Devendra Ghalsashi

Head - Operations

11 years with Axis AMC! What a journey ... full of opportunities for career growth. It has been a satisfactory experience to be a part of this growth journey with experienced, knowledgeable and supportive colleagues. Happy to be a part of Axis Family! Cheers..

Vishal Desai

Dealer - Alternatives

I joined Axis Mutual Fund almost 9 years ago, where each day has been inspiring, motivating and challenging, which has helped me develop professionally in different areas. Feel very proud of the wonderful team we have formed here at Axis Mutual Fund, all dedicated and committed, working hard to achieve the most successful events.
What I enjoy most about Axis Mutual Fund is the dynamism of work, because one day is never the same as another day and that motivates me the most to work here.

Sidhant Pankaj Oberoi

Team Member- Digital Sales

I joined Axis AMC in July 2019 in the Digital & Marketing Team, where I worked primarily in the Marketing function & gained immense category knowledge. I have now moved to the Digital Business Team in a bid as to take on new challenges to drive business & achieve our organisational goals.

Kapil Arora

Channel Manager- IFA & ND,

I am glad to be part of Axis MF. I sincerely appreciate the conducive work atmosphere and support that has been provided by the senior management, it speaks about volume and values that Axis AMC stands for. I am fortunate to be part of this progressive team. I will strive to perform with excellence in all my future endeavours and fulfil the company’s objectives at large. At Axis I observed every team member is following organisations core values and working together to fulfil its goal or vision. Really appreciate that I am part of this winning team

Anagha Darade

Junior Credit Analyst

It’s been almost 7 years in Axis MF, witnessed AUM Growth from 18,000 Crs to more than 1,50,000 Crs. Ranking from 17th to 7th  place !!! Such a wonderful Journey so far!!!. Being associated with Axis, I feel very proud as it has not only given me an opportunity to develop my career but also helped me find a strong and confident person in myself. Organisation found potential in me and supported me in achieving my dream of being part of Investments Team. Truly, Over the past 7 years, Axis has become like my second family. Its been an exciting experience so far and I Hope to keep gaining more and more knowledge and confidence to be a part of Axis MF success.

Srividya Easwaran

Channel Manager- Key Relationships

I have recently completed 3 years with Axis AMC. It has been a transformative and insightful journey. The organization has a good mix of youth and experience. The leadership at the organization have been supportive and encouraging at every step. The work environment is collaborative and employee feedback is welcomed. I have been entrusted important functional responsibilities and it has empowered me and helped in my professional growth. Recently there has been a focus in self-development of employees in addition to functional training and this will also be greatly beneficial in the long run. Future prospects look  tremendously exciting as there is clear thrust towards attaining leadership position in our business and we are moving into top gear to take on the challenges ahead!