Market fluctuations can throw your portfolio off balance.
With Balanced Advantage Funds, aapka portfolio market ke utaar chadhaav ke liye rahe #HameshaTaiyaar!
Watch the videos to stay   #HameshaTaiyaar


Active Allocation in Equity & Debt:Debt securities have pre-defined interest / coupon rate & maturity
Downside Management:Lower equity exposure during high valuations to manage downside
Tax Efficiency:Attracts equity taxation
Dynamic management
Portfolio Diversification
No need to time the market
Aids wealth creation
Limits downside

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Balanced Advantage Funds?

Balanced Advantage Funds Invest in both equity and debt instruments while actively adjusting allocation between the two asset classes based on market conditions. They aim to generate capital appreciation via equity exposure and income by investing in fixed income securities.

What is dynamic allocation?What is the "Balanced Advantage" that the fund offers? How does the fund help in being #HameshaTaiyaar?How is equity allocation decided?Do Balanced Advantage Funds have a fixed frequency of rebalancing?How is the fund taxedWho can invest?
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