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What is SIP ?

India has evolved. Our goals and aspirations have evolved with us. The way we earn, save, spend and invest is dramatically different today. Needless to say, one needs to plan for each goal.

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is the convenient and ideal answer to this.

Almost 2 Cr# Indians have started SIPs. This new India is looking at radical new ways to get to its goals.

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I want in years and my expected rate of return is
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What are the benefits of SIP?

An ideal solution to the
new dreams

Convenience for the busy generation

You decide when, where
and how much

Can be started with as less
as ₹500

Experience the 8th wonder -
The power of compounding

Stay worry-free

Rupee Cost Averaging when Price Rises
Month Amount Invested (t) Unit Price (f) No. of Units Purchased
January 3,000.00 20.00 150.000
February 3,000.00 24.00 125.000
March 3,000.00 28.00 107.143
April 3,000.00 32.00 93.750
May 3,000.00 36.00 83.333
June 3,000.00 40.00 75.000
Total 18,000.00 28.38 (Average Unit Price) 634.226

From the above chart you can see that the investor invested the last amount at a NAV of ₹ 40.00, but still his average cost is only ₹ 28.38 even though the NAVs are increasing.

Rupee Cost Averaging when Price Falls
Month Amount Invested (t) Unit Price (f) No. of Units Purchased
January 3,000.00 38.00 78.947
February 3,000.00 34.00 88.3235
March 3,000.00 30.00 100.00
April 3,000.00 26.00 115.385
May 3,000.00 22.00 136.363
June 3,000.00 18.00 166.667
Total 18,000.00 26.254 (Average Unit Price) 685.597

From the above chart you can see that the Average cost is only ₹ 26.254 against the starting cost (1st Instalment) of ₹ 38.00 and so on.

Hence, as you stay invested for a long time, the cost of investment reduces due to rupee cost averaging.

The returns from investment get added to the principal amount and this in turn generates more returns. This process gets repeated leading to a big corpus. That’s how the magic of compounding works. An investor starting out early can earn much higher returns than the one starting out late even with a slightly higher corpus.

A big difference 5 years can make:

Disclaimer - Above images are for illustration purpose only and does not guarantee any returns. The examples do not purport to represent the performance of any security or investments. The recipient is advised to consult his or her advisor/ tax consultant prior to arriving at any investment decision.

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