Consult a responsible financial advisor who would help manoeuvre through the nuances of investing and choose a responsible money manager who is able to pick the good apples (performing stocks which are very few in number) by focusing on quality and sustainability, while also managing various risks that are associated with the investment.

  • Responsible Money Manager
    • Promotes strong corporate governance
    • Invests in strong business models
    • Manage Risks
    • Aims for a secular growth rate of the sector (around 1.5x-2x of GDP)
  • Responsible Advisor
    • Understands investor goals
    • Educates investors about right way of investing
    • Recommends funds as per investors’ risk appetite
    • Prepares investors for uncertainties
  • Responsible investing
    • Plan with a goal in mind
    • Be rational and keep emotions at bay while investing
    • Avoid timing the market
    • Think long term
Coming soon - Tips on responsible investing