Are you aResponsible Investor?

  • How to become a Responsible Investor

  • Global v/s Indian Market Paradox

  • Where does an average investor go wrong?

We like taking risks. only well calculated ones.
Our stars are our funds.
Boring is better than daring when it comes to investments.
Its good to be adventurous. but not with other people's money.
Unlike fashion, we don't need to follow fads.
there are no big or small companies. only good or bad ones.
we would rather not sell than mis-sell.
we are not just money managers, but also risk managers.
time change. market performances change. an investment philosophy shouldn't.

The Responsible Mutual Fund welcomes you

As existing mutual fund investors or intenders, your objective is long term wealth creation and/or wealth preservation. Over the last few years, mutual funds have been lapped up by millions of Indians, given the inherent advantages associated with this investment class.

It is also true that mutual fund investments are perceived to be risky. It is a dichotomous world where the category offers growth potential, yet is associated with risk. While our country is all about rising aspirations, at the same time, we Indians are risk averse when it comes to money. We may be adventurous with other things in life, but want to be particularly careful with money. Our extensive research with consumers corroborates this fact. In such circumstances, one doesn’t need assurances of high returns, but of care and concern for the hard-earned money that is invested.

At Axis Mutual Fund, we realize there is a need for a responsible fund manager to understand and address the different risks that are inherent to the category while aiming to fulfill the investment objectives. With a comprehensive risk management philosophy and processes in place, what seems risky actually isn’t that risky. Axis Mutual Fund, the responsible mutual fund invites you to be a part of this wealth creation journey.