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Build wealth no matter what is happening in the economy
There are obviously no guarantees, but you can improve your portfolio performance by investing in a diverse range of assets (such as equity, debt and gold). The reason for this improvement is quite simple. The one sure way of improving portfolio performance is to reduce the potential for sharp losses. Different asset classes react differently to the same market conditions. Thus for example a growth slowdown which may cause a big fall in equity markets may be beneficial for debt funds. By balancing your investments across multiple asset classes, you tend to reduce risk of losing money to economic shocks which could hurt one asset class disproportionately.

Diversification has worked in the near and distant past

Further, whether you are an aggressive or a conservative investor, diversification can work for you. Because you can adjust the exposure that you want to take to different asset classes.

Why Hybrid Funds and Axis Triple Advantage Fund?
Hybrid funds are funds where there is an in-built diversification by investing in multiple asset classes. Hybrid funds provide a simple and easy to implement method to investors to create a diversified portfolio that brings down their risk. Hybrid funds also offer the benefit of regular rebalancing that happens within the fund. Investors can benefit from this without having to do this on their own which can prove quite cumbersome.Axis Triple Advantage Fund helps you take advantage of diversification by investing in a mix of equity, fixed income and gold. This not only helps avoid portfolio surprises but also provides opportunity for wealth generation.

Key Features
  • Provides diversification across three asset classesviz. equity, fixed income and gold thereby leading to reduction in risk
  • Returns potential not compromised even with reduced risk levels
  • Returns more stable than pure equity or gold investments over the long term
  • One single application is sufficient for investment in three asset classes
  • Suitable for an investment horizon of 3 years or more
This Product is Suitable for Investor who are seeking
  • capital appreciation & generating income over long term
  • investment in a diversified portfolio of equity and equity related instruments, fixed income instruments & gold Exchange Traded Funds

Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them


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