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Save up for all those little desires
There are things that you have always wanted. Some little, some not so little. Things that bring you and your family a lot of happiness. Like a trip to Fiji or Helsinki. But seldom do we have a plan for these. Many of these desires simply lie at the back of our heads, almost forgotten, only because we have never put a date to them.

Give a date to your desires

Well, here's an opportunity to put aside some money for these little desires. Investing in Axis Income Saver can help you plan for these with confidence. Confidence that comes from knowing that your investment is balanced between the stability of debt and potential growth of equity, and confidence that comes from knowing that your money will be managed with a focus on risk control.So if you want to take your kids for scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef in 3 years or if you want to take your spouse to the city of romance in 4 years, Axis Income Saver may be a good way to plan for it. With confidence.

Dynamic Asset Allocation to control risk

Axis Income Saver is a unique offering within the hybrid fund space. The reason for that is that unlike traditional hybrid funds that maintain a broadly stable allocation to equity and debt over time, this fund looks to constantly adjust this exposure. The reason for the adjustment is to maintain a tight lid on the risk and potential for large downside for investors. This allows the fund to maintain tight risk levels while at the same time take advantage of better market conditions by running a higher equity exposure than typical conservative hybrid funds. The maximum equity allocation is capped at 35%.

Key Features
  • A low to medium risk fund suitable for an investment horizon of more than 2 years
  • Brings stability to your portfolio by investing primarily in fixed income instruments
  • Offers the potential for capital growth through limited exposure to equity instruments
  • Embedded risk management to restrict losses in any calendar year
  • Actively allocates between equity and debt
  • Suitable for an investment horizon of 3 years or more
This Product is suitable for Investors who are seeking
  • Capital appreciation while generating income over medium to long term.
  • Investment in debt and money market instruments as well as equity and equity related instruments while managing risk through active asset allocation.

Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them


Insta Redemption is now available. Redeem your Liquid fund and get money in few minutes in your bank account

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