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Axis Mutual Fund's EasySMS is a unique service that allows you to: Buy or sell units of Axis Mutual Fund by simply sending an SMS. Transact without any PINs or passwords. Saves time and effort by eliminating the need to fill out lengthy forms each time you wish to transact.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is EasySMS 9212010033?

How can I register for the EasySMS service?

How will I know if my registration is complete? When can I start using the service?

Are there any restrictions on the investment amount?

Can Non-Individual investor avail this service?

How can I get my account details through SMS?

What are keywords and how to type SMS?

What is scheme code?

I don't remember SMS keywords, from where can I get them?

What is the response if investor sends SMS?

Can I invest in any schemes through EasySMS?

Can I do a Redemption/Switch transaction if I have requested for a change of Bank mandate?

Can requests like change in bank mandate, change of nomination, change in mode of holding, change of address etc. be made using the EasyCall & EasySMS facility?

What happens if the investor does not received the confirmation message?

What charges are applicable for getting account details through SMS?

What is the cut off time for EasySMS transaction?

What will happen if investor sends an incorrect sms?

Can the investor send the SMS from any number?

Which are the empanelled Banks for EasySMS service? EasyCall?

Is SMS is accepted during non- business days? If Yes, which day NAV will be applicable for the transaction?

In what way do you see this service benefiting your distribution partners?

How do you ensure that the distributor's interests are protected when investors use EasySMS to place transaction requests?

What are other important points to note?

What are the applicable transaction charges for the Existing & New investors?

What is the Checklist for Application Completeness verification?

What documents are required to be submitted along with the filled application form?