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STP Guidelines

  • STP refers to Systematic Transfer Plan where in an investor invests a lump sum amount in one scheme and regularly transfers (i.e. switches) a pre-defined amount into another scheme. To know the schemes available for STP.
  • Transfer frequency option:
    STP Frequency Cycle Date Minimum Amount* (in Rs.) Minimum Installments
    Daily Monday To Friday 1000/- 6
    Weekly Monday To Friday 1000/- 6
    Fortnightly Alternate Wednesday 1000/- 6
    Monthly 1st, 7th, 10th, 15th or 25th 1000/- 6
    Quarterly 1st, 7th, 10th, 15th or 25th 3000/- 2
    * Note: For Axis Long Term Equity Fund minimum amount of Rs. 500/- for all frequencies and thereafter in multiples of Rs. 500/-
  • If STP date/day is a non-Business Day, then the next Business Day shall be the STP Date / Day and the same will be considered for the purpose of determining the applicability of NAV.
  • STP will be automatically terminated if all units are liquidated or withdrawn from the Transferor Scheme or pledged or upon receipt of intimation of death of the unit holder.